Fuseboards aka Consumer units

The fuseboard or consumer unit is the most important part of an electrical installation, protecting us against electrocution and fires in the home and at work.

In the event of an electrical fault occurring a consumer unit is designed to disconnect the power supply, having an old style, outdated or unsafe consumer unit can have severe consequences causing injury, property damage or even death.

Modern 17th edition consumer units with incorporated RCD (Residual Current Device) Protection when correctly installed are designed to protect humans and all livestock against electrocution and some protection against fires.

A consumer unit installation or upgrade should always be carried out by a competent and registered electrician. All our electricians are NICEIC registered electricians.

Prior to changing a fuseboard we always recommend you carry out a full electrical condition report is carried out. There are usually no problems in replacing an old fuseboard, however there may sometimes be issues with existing wiring which might cause the new style consumer unit to continuously trip out leaving you without power.

The only way to determine whether your existing wiring is in correct operational condition is to carry out an E.I.C.R (Electrical Installation Condition Report). This will also outline any recommendations and additional costs in order to bring the installation to a satisfactory condition.

Niceic Electricians

We can't over state the importance of employing an approved contractor to homeowners. Aside from the assurance of safety and competence of work, additional benefits to the consumer include guaranteed compliance with building regulations, an insurance-backed warranty and access to an independent complaints procedure, should a problem arise.

Commercial Electricians

Our NICEIC approved commercial electricians are qualified to carry out maintenance, repair and installation works, for our commercial customers. All work is carried out in accordance with 17th edition IEE wiring regulations BS 7671:2008, and comply with Health & Safety regulations under the Electricity at Works Regulations 1989. Our bespoke service is designed to work around your business. Outside working hours if required, at very little extra cost.

Domestic Electricians

Our Niceic approved Domestic Electrician are Part P registered. The law requires an electrician registered with a government-approved scheme, such as the one operated by NICEIC is used to carry out most electrical work in the home. After completion of any work your NICEIC registered electrician will issue you with an electrical safety certificate and a Compliance Certificate to confirm it meets the requirements of the Building Regulations.