Manchester Electrician Objectives

Manchester Electrician Objectives

Manchester Electrician sees CSR as good for society and good for business. Better understanding of the potential benefits of CSR for the competitiveness of companies and for national economies can help encourage the spread of CSR practice.

The key is to look at CSR as an investment in a strategic asset or distinctive capability, rather than an expense. The importance of taking a balanced approach to assessing performance – and the risks of concentrating solely on profit are taken into full consideration. Manchester Electrician are now developing the approach with the aim of ensuring all Franchisees have the means to manage and assess the contributions of investments in CSR.

Our strategy for advancing our vision is to:

  • Promote business activities that bring simultaneous economic, social and environmental benefits
  • Work in partnership with the community bodies, unions, consumers and other stakeholders
  • Encourage innovative approaches, continuing development and application of best practice
  • Ensure we have excellent minimum levels of performance in areas such as health & safety, the environment and equal opportunities
  • Encourage increased awareness, open constructive dialogue and trust
  • Create a policy framework, which encourages and enables responsible behaviour by our business

Manchester Electrician’s strategy for sustainable development encompasses, integrating objectives on social progress, effective protection of the environment, prudent use of natural resources and high and stable levels of economic growth. Each of these sustainable development issues are key to the overall business strategy. We place a high degree of emphasis on employment to ensure a better quality of life for everyone.