Emergency Lighting Certificate

Emergency Lighting Certificate Manchester
Emergency Lighting Certificate

If your commercial property hasn't had a Periodic Inspection for its emergency lighting within the last year or is due for an inspection - call us today as your log book could be out of date, and you may need to update your emergency lighting Certificate!

Shops, offices and other premises previously excluded from legislation require the installation of additional emergency lighting to satisfy the Emergency Lighting and the New Fire Safety legislation – the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005. Not only must premises contain emergency lighting and escape route signage, the equipment installed must be the correct type, installed in the correct location and satisfy the requirements of BS 5266.

On completing or change of an emergency lighting system installation, an Emergency Lighting Certificate should be supplied to the occupier/owner of the premises. A copy of this emergency lighting certificate would be required by the enforcing authority.

Ongoing a yearly inspection of your emergency lighting is required and a new Lighting Certificate issued at intervals of no more than 1 year.

So if you have just completed an installation or your emergency lighting certificate is due for renewal, call us today and do not risk the consequences of a failing or uninspected system.

Our Manchester electricians can provide an effecient lighting inspection anywhere in the UK and don't forget, with our Manchester electricians you'll receive are guaranteed level of service at a very competive price for your Emergency Lighting Certificate and Inspection.

Emergency Lighting Certificates

Our local Manchester electricians are all NICEIC registered and carry out all types of work, domestic, commercial and insdustrial. Our electricians have years of varied experience. From installing a single socket to refurbishing work for large shopping chains.

Over the last few years, one of our biggest contracts was converting a national shopping chain from flourescent to LED Lighting. Our Manchester electricians show the same dedication to work in the installation of a single lightbulb as they do to our national contracts. That is because we believe, every customer is our first priority.

An Emergency Lighting Certificate is required following the installation, inspection, or periodic testing of emergency lighting systems within a building. This lighting certification is crucial for ensuring compliance with health and safety regulations, which mandate that emergency lighting must be fully operational to facilitate safe evacuation in case of an emergency or power failure, and have a current Emergency Lighting certificate. It's typically needed for commercial buildings, residential complexes with communal areas, and public spaces to certify that the emergency lighting meets the required safety standards and is in good working order.

In the UK, the requirement for installing and upkeeping an adequate emergency lighting system in premises is dictated by specific fire safety legislation. According to the British Standard BS 5266-1, emergency lighting must be installed if a risk assessment indicates a need for it, ensuring compliance with specified minimum illuminance levels and safety signage recommendations outlined in sections 5.3.2 and 5.3.3 of the standard.

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We can't over state the importance of employing an approved contractor. Aside from the assurance of safety and competence of work, additional benefits to the consumer include guaranteed compliance with building regulations, an insurance-backed warranty and access to an independent complaints procedure, should a problem arise.

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Our NICEIC approved commercial electricians are qualified to carry out maintenance, repair and installation works on all forms lighting. We can even carry out a lighting survey and price for a conversion to more cost efficient LED lighting. Installation certificate and Emergency lighting certificate.

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Our Niceic approved commerical Electricians are experts in Emergency lighting Certification. We can do full emergency lighting inspections and maintain as required. We can supply and install emergency lighting or convert your existing to LED, or we can simply carry out the required tests and update your log books.