LED Lighting

LED Lighting

Manchester electricians are proud to offer LED lighting Technology. LED lighting has seen some of the most exciting and ground breaking developments to hit the lighting market for decades.

LEDs are the most energy-efficient bulbs. They use 90% less energy than traditional incandescents. Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFLs) - which are the most common type of energy-saver bulb - use 60%- 80% less than incandescents and halogens use 20-30% less. As such, LEDs can sometimes pay for themselves through energy savings in just a couple of months.

LED lights have many advantages compared with conventional lights including low maintenance, energy efficiency, easy installation and vivid colours making led lights the solution to many previous design restrictions. With an average lifespan of 50,000 hours LED lighting is also extremely cost effective compared with its fluorescent and incandescent competitors.

LEDs are claimed to be ultra long lasting - lasting for 25-30 years, depending on which one you buy and how you use it. Our LEDs can reduce your lighting bill by up to 90%. Lighting usually accounts for up to 40% of your electricity bill

LEDs give out their light almost instantly when you flick the light switch, so you don't have to put up with dim light while they get going.LED lighting drastically reduces the carbon footprint of your home or business, and emits up to 70% less UV light than halogen bulbs

Glass flourescents contain mercury and are a health and safety concern. LED lighting is not glass and contains no harmfull substances. Switch to LED today. Not only will switching cut down on risks to customers and staff, It will actually save you and your business money.


Why LED ?


6 Reasons to switch to LED.

Save Money:

Less Energy saves you money.

Health & Safety:

No glass, No Mercury, No Risks.

Longer Lifespan:

Much longer lifespan from LED.

Less Heat:

Less heat produced by lighting.

Carbon Footprint:

Help improve your carbon footprint.

Instant Light:

No waiting for the lights to warm up.

LED Conversions

Modular lighting ? Fluorescent tubes ? halogen lamps ? It doesn't matter we can convert you to Energy Saving LED today. Contact us for a FREE energy survey and find out how Manchester Electricians can help you save money and lower your carbon footprint. You can save upto 90% on your lighting bills by simply switching to LED today. Stop burning money and call us Today.

LED Installations

Manchester Electricians can carry out a FREE lighting survey, quickly followed by a full LED Installation or Conversion. Our experts can offer a bespoke service tailored to your buisness needs. Cost effective LED lighting, saving you money and reducing your carbon footprint. Switch your business to LED lighting from fragile glass flourescents full of toxins, to safe plastic LED lights today.

LED Supplies

Manchester Electricians can supply LED Panels, LED Tubes and LED Lamps. Dimmable or Non Dimmable. Lightinging Conversion Kits, Emergency Lighting. Our LED specialists can supply a Free lighting survey, an LED Conversion or complete LED Installtion. A bespoke service inside or outside normal working hours.