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We carry out free lighting surveys. Our electricians can carry out a no obligation survey and then quote for an LED lighting conversion or LED lighting installation. Find out how much money you can save switching to LED Lighting and start reducing your carbon emissions.

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We are an approved niceic contractor. We provide local qualified niceic approved electricians. Our services are tailor-made for individual customers, whether it is one, or multiple sites. We provide the most cost effective and professional service available.

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NICEIC Test & Inspection

Niceic Approved Company

Our Niceic approved electricians are members of the Registered Competent Person (Electrical) scheme. Our electricians specialise in electrical fixed wire testing and electrical periodic inspections for Industrial, Commercial and Domestic customers.

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Manchester Electricians

Electricians Manchester

  • Commercial Electricians

    Manchester electricians offer a complete range of commercial electrical services. Our electricians are NICEIC approved for commercial work.

  • Domestic Electrcians

    Manchester electricians offer a complete range of domestic electrical services. Our electricians are NICEIC Part-P registered & can perform electrical tests to complete house rewires.

  • LED Lighting

    Switching to LED lighting is a simple way for businesses to save money and reduce their carbon footprint. Our electricians can guide you through the conversion. Contact us for a free LED lighting survey and start saving today.

  • Electrical Inspections

    Manchester Electricians offer a complete range of electrical inspections. We are NICEIC approved contractors and carry out inspections with as little disruption to our customers as possible.

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of your electrical fixed wiring installation

It is essential that regular testing of an electrical installation is undertaken by a registered Niceic Electrical Contractor to satisfy Health & Safety regulations under the Electricity at Works Regulations 1989, which in turn satisfies most local councils and insurance company requirements. This ensures compliance and safety standards are met, providing peace of mind for property owners and occupants alike.

The aim of Periodic Electrical Testing, commonly referred to as an EICR (Electrical Installation Condition Report), is to quickly identify electrical problems within the building's electrical installation. By conducting thorough inspections, our Manchester electricians can promptly address any issues, ensuring the safety and functionality of the system while also facilitating proactive maintenance planning.

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"Kelvin & Ash converted our Aberdeen shop to LED lighting. Very happy with the professionalism and advice."

Sandra Lynn, Owner

Sub Mains

"Kenny and the lads installed our sub mains. Stewart advised on project, from start to finish. He spotted any potential problems well in advance. Can't recommend highly enough.

David Ashworth, General Manager

LED Conversion

When we switched to LED panels, I was unsure of the benefits, but our bills are already down and they look great. Thank you.

Paul Macdoosh , Store Owner.


5 Reasons Why Hiring Manchester Electricians NICEIC Approved Contractors is Essential for Your Electrical Projects


1. Expertise and Experience:

Manchester Electricians, as NICEIC-approved contractors, bring a wealth of expertise and experience to your projects. Their comprehensive knowledge of electrical systems, regulations, and industry best practices ensures that your installations are handled with precision and care.

2. Compliance Assurance:

Electrical projects must adhere to strict regulations to guarantee safety and compliance. NICEIC approval signifies that Manchester Electricians comply with the latest industry standards and regulations. This assurance not only enhances safety but also minimizes the risk of legal and regulatory issues.

3. Quality Workmanship:

Quality workmanship is a hallmark of NICEIC-approved contractors. Manchester Electricians prioritize excellence in every aspect of their work, from installation to testing. This commitment to quality ensures that your electrical systems perform optimally and withstand the test of time.

4. Reliability and Accountability:

Hiring NICEIC-approved contractors adds an extra layer of reliability and accountability to your projects. Manchester Electricians take pride in their work and are committed to delivering results that meet or exceed your expectations. With accountability built into their professional ethos, you can trust them to deliver on time and within scope.

5. Future-Proofing Your Installations:

Electrical installations are long-term investments. By choosing NICEIC-approved contractors like Manchester Electricians, you are future-proofing your installations. Their commitment to staying abreast of industry advancements ensures that your projects incorporate the latest technologies and innovations.



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