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We Specialise in LED Installation, LED Conversions.

Our aim, is to help you the customer achieve your goals and save you money. Install LED lighting (the initial cost takes on average 12-18 months to pay back, but 100% of the initial cost can be offset against your tax, so in reality its Free) so as you save money each year on energy costs, your profits grow and your carbon footprint decreases.

Why LED ?

An LED light typically uses 90% less energy than an equivalent incandescent or halogen bulb. As a rule of thumb, if you have a 50w bulb, you will be able to replace it (with similar performance in terms of light output) with a 5w LED bulb. This is because in a traditional bulb, when electricity passes through the filament it produces an enormous amount of heat before producing any light. In an LED, as soon as an electric current passes through the bulb light is given off – far less waste heat is given off, hence the incredible energy savings.

LED last longer !

If you have halogen spotlights, you will know they blow on a pretty regular basis. So much so it is actually a bit of a pain having to replace them all the time.

The good news about LED is that they last approximately 20 times longer – no more having to get the ladder out! The reason that traditional bulbs blow so often is that every time they turn on the filament burns off a minute amount of tungsten as it heats up. Over time the filament gets thinner and thinner and eventually it simply pops, meaning you need to replace the bulb. This doesn’t happen with LED lighting, your bulbs will likely last till you move out of the house!


We are LED Lighting Installation and Conversion specialists, working for the retail, commercial and educational sectors. We provide free LED lighting surveys and quotations, with no obligation.

Start reducing your Energy Bills Now and also reduce your carbon footprint !!

Commercial LED installation

On average UK businesses use up to 50% of their electricity consumption just on lighting, so switching all lighting to an LED model can help companies to cut their fixed costs dramatically. Lighting bills can be reduced by up to 90% which quickly paysback the initial investment. To find out what savings you can make please contact us to arrange a Free Survey, of your Lighting installation.

School LED Installation

As a head teacher, Bursar or school site manager you are highly likely to be looking at ways to save on costs associated with the day to day running of your school, lighting can use upto 50% of the electricity consumption in your school.Furthermore, changing your school’s lighting to an LED model can reduce your lighting bill up to 80% when combined with a better use of daylight, the installation of motion sensors which switching off lights in empty classrooms. Contact us for a free survey and let us help you to Start saving now.

Retail LED Installation

In todays economy Large or Small businesses which own or rent a commercial property or have Multi sites are always looking to save money and increase proffits. Led lighting covers both it saves you money on yout running costs, which makes it more profittable to trade, with ongoing savings in maintenance year on year LED Lighting is very important for any type of Retail business because it will help attracts customers giving them a unique atmosphere and shopping experience, it also reflects your company identity and enhances its products, from the shop window to the shop floor.

Landlord LED Installation

We have been working with numerous well known insurers over the last 10 years, and have been asked to to survey there call centers and office enviroments with a view to changing the lighting to LED this has had cociderable benerfits with regard to savings and it has also helped with staff concentration and alertness. Want to find out more contact us for a free survey.

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